Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Art is more than just a pretty picture on the wall

The Definition of Art to me,

The Definition of Art to me,

Art is a visual language, a sensory language, an auditory language. Art is stunning, Art is dangerous! Art can be painful to look at! Art can be absolutely beautiful! Art can be a teacher to the world. Most of All art is an outlet for Everyone not just the creator! Composition, Style, iconography, I could name more terms but there's only so much I can say that will make people think more about Art and on How many levels it matters not just for us, the children but for our older generations also. Art comes in many forms not just the one we see in the Tabloids... <3 not just the one that makes us think, or makes us angry... Art is there to make the world think.. Its communication to every soul that's willing to let it in <3 <3 <3
For some people it can define them, for some people it can rule them, for some people it can scare them.... For Me I love it on all levels I cannot understand all of it. I know that there just some pieces of work that I'll just never get and I understand. But I do get that Art is designed to make people think even if its not nice.
There are many Artists out there communication on a level trying to help people see the Damage, pain and hurt they see, Every day. Aka World Hunger, War, Capitalism, Death, Bombs, Environmental issues.... These are just to name a few...
I'd just like to shout out MEGA RESPECT for all those Artists that can do this its very beautiful <3<3<3<3
Art is more than a pretty picture on the wall... <3

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sensory Walk

Time us an Illusion!?!  You don't see the birds, dogs, deer and Squirrels
walking around tapping their watches....

Personification is not deemed in the natural world.  Only realism and
life.  There is no egotistical value in an animal? Or is there?

They don't house them selves in amongst concrete blocks with ridged lines
and angled corners....

Time is an illusion to humanity, once free from a shedual or time table or
plan or data or building.  We stand timeless

Soaking up all the noises around us be they nature or machine...  Nature
calls us all to come shine in her wings as they fly free across the
cozmoz.  The idea may make you laugh but apart from our Mother nature we

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

I was given a task to re-design the logo below for my friends Theatre Company SpartaKi.

The Pen Nib in place of a sword blade representing that the pen is mightier than the sword. 

The first idea I had was to draw up a pen nib sword with a blot of ink that I thought might look good with SpartaKi written in it.  I found an ancient Greek symbol online and encorporated it into my design.

 After conversing with my friend,  we decided to keep the hand holding the sword so as well as the ink mark.  So I incorporated the hand on to my sword.  Thus started my journey on learning how to use the software Gimp on my PC.  I was clueless so this took me a while.  Once I figure it out I became well versed in how to create digital collages with the software.  Just Google Gimp and you should be able to find a free download.  There are plenty tutorials on how to use it on Youtube.

I then sent the image to my phone added a filter to make my image more anime like it so I could get the lines of my image bolder.
Once I had line as they where I then began to white out my design in a bid to make it more simplified

I sourced myself an Ink Splatter which I quite liked.

tried out some other fonts with he splatter but decided the original SpartaKi was the best one.
So I began to cut this out and fix it all up for my splatter.  Which took me a while due to being a novice at this image manipulation game. 

Once I got the writing all neatened up and on the splatter I added the sword playing around with various angles until I was happy....

Here is the final Logo design which has been used for a business card and will be used for all of SpartaKi's promotional material.
I'm feeling pretty happy with this work,  I have learned some way to use image manipulation software.  Hope I'll get better and better the more I work on stuff and I'll be able to create more.

If you guys have any thoughts or tips please do share as I'm all ears..

Cheers :)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Nature and its connection to me...

Nature and its connection to me... Shevan Wells-Jansz (SWJ-ART)

Nature to me is the life blood of my soul.   I am in awe of it everyday as it mesmerises me with its wonderful enchantment.    I pity over Natures destruction as we humans flourish in our bubble of technology.   Yet I still go on living the life of consumerism and capitalism.

The din of the winds wrath upon my house reminds me that nature will bite back. Claiming the innocent lives of those in worse off places.

Mother nature has always been a great muse for me, throwing her sensory atmosphere around me, immersing myself in the sounds, smells, shapes and colours. This always clears my mind and plants it with many inspirations.

My works may not look like nature itself as its my perception of what I see around me. For instance if I see something I like, I photograph it, IE tree bark or the skyline. Later when I go through my photos, particular ones with give me ideas for a drawing or of late its been photo editing, I will go through some processes be it paint and pen or the click of a screen.

Usually it doesn't end there as I will constantly find more ideas within these, which often results in more experiments.   Also I'll pick things up that have caught my eye these will be incorporated into my art, such as stones, twigs or crushed leaves.

If nature did not exist or if I was confined in a place where there is no natural then I would not cope well. Its intrinsic that I have a lot of organic influence around me for my creativity to be.  

Friday, 8 May 2015

Breaking loose with the Palette Knife

First photo is a 16"x12" Acrylic on Canvas. 
Second photo is a 10"x8" Acrylic on board.

So here I am experimenting with my palette knifes... I have never really been brave enough to just let go of the constraints of the paintbrush to the knive.

Here I am today and already I feel that it's a worthy thing to keep experimenting with.  Originally the one of the canvas was an attempt at a random landscape purely made up of course.  I was stuck with it as I felt I was making loafs of mistakes with it.  As soon as I started using my knife I felt a huge improvement it has brought it alive. 
I'll definitely be doing more of this.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Crystals and photo editors

So playing around with my crystals, I find their beauty mesmerising.  Threw em through a symplectic photo editor and come up with some possibility for compositions. 

A simple  shot of crystals

Tweeked with contrast.

Mirrored then rotated and mirrored again.

Here are more examples of how a simple shot can look quite
beautiful from just being mirrored.

I have taken this one further by adding a filter then Tweeked with hue and contrast.  The next thought for the lighter one below is to print it out and start drawing a design on top of it.

Friday, 16 January 2015

What have I been doin????

It has been a while since I last posted something on here,  that does not mean I have not been creative though.  I have been quite the opposite actually.  Making lampshades, drawing, sewing, weaving and playing around with my photo editor.  Its all been very colourful, monochromatic and a 3 dimensional exploration of what I can do with just about every idea that pops into existence.  

I've been recycling old clothes into something new, I learned how to weave them into strips and then sewn them together into a round thing, first of all I'd set out to make a round rug.  Not realising that strips repeatedly sewn around themselves, would not remain a flat piece unless I put some kind of support on the back.  So as it rounded on its self I decided it was evolving from a rug to a bag. in the midst of this project which is on going.

I have also been doing a bit of portraiture, started with a portrait of my Brother and his Wife,  for their wedding anniversary present. 
I created a couple portraits made up from within to practice skin tones and rendering of the tonality on the face. Ive been drawing a portrait of myself and my Fiance.
One of the many things I have learned from delving into a bit of portraiture is that I've not to narrow down my ability's by thinking I cant do it.  For years I have said to myself that I cannot do portraits, that I'm not good enough, which stopped me from trying at all, which hampered me in my creative development.

I have told myself that I can only do one type of Art, which has stumped me from moving anywhere else in my creative exploration.  Now my mind is more open to just trying things out and not getting stuck in one place with my art.  I am finding that I can just about do anything I set my mind on.
The feeling is awesome knowing I make something from nothing.

I have been making sculptural style lampshades inspired by the wire sculptures I done during my HNC Contemporary Art Practice.  I have created 6 experimental pieces.
Firstly using bamboo sticks masking tape and paper machie with wall paper and wallpaper glue just to see how these would behave.  Then I moved on to wire as I love manipulating the wire into many forms.  I created an inverted shell like spiral frame, which I then used cling film, tissue paper and pva glue to make the shape part.  This medium does take me back to my routes as a child at school, getting very stick and messy. There are no rules to how this is done it can be smoothed together or just crushed on, depending on what kind of texture you want.  The glue once dried between clingfilm and the paper  makes a nice affect when aluminated. 

After this I decided I wanted to make a secondary spiral frame with an edge on the bottom of the frame, to create a lip inward on the lampshade, this was made more like an actual shell with the sides plumming outward rather than inward. 
I experimented just with the paper and glue alone casting it over a ball and a balloon. This has inspired me to create more shades just from the paper and glue.  With enough layers it will be strong and sturdy enough.  I had tried out some old dress fabric on a small bamboo frame I'd made but felt that it wasn't what I was looking for.  Maybe I could go back to that one. 
Upon putting up my second wire frame to see if it would hold onto the light cable, seeing the pattern it made on the ceiling.   I realised that I can also play around with how the light it cast around the room, through how I design my shade. 

Playing around with the wire I have used glass beads and crystals to create some pretty window hangings.  Then I made some tooth brush holders with the same idea of the crystal hangings. Using the idea I had for my shades to hold on to the light cables.  Using a coil of wire that can be tighter or looser depending  on what I decide it's purpose to be. 

My ideas are evolving constantly the more I create and produce. There are some other things that I'm working on just now which I will share upon completion.  The only thing about having all these ideas, is that I can often find myself overwhelm with too many projects at once.  So I have to pace myself with them.  Definitely should get them down on paper or sketched down,  this would be very beneficial for my future studies which lie ahead.