Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Mind Ponders

Allot of thought have crossed my mind on how we are as a society these days, how we differ from our ancestors from many moons ago.  As technology grows at a vast pace we are evolving in a strange way unlike any other evolution on this planet.  At what cost do we owe our advancements on this earth,  we may not pay the heavy toll today but future generations will,  socially and environmentally they will suffer.

A strange obscure disconnection is happening within our society, as hyperspace thrives within every home we connect to another world built from cables and circuits.  There we seem free from the constraints of reality, able to depict ourself in a better light.  Anyone can become anything in this place it is wonderful yet terrifying.

It is believed by some that we do not need such devices to be connected that we are all connected by the cosmos.  Is every being connected through a higher power.  Could we have de-evolved ourself s through our technological advancement?  Through our systems, rules and regulations.  Stamping out creativity, that the mundane every day would deem a bit far fetched?